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The Third International Conference on Mongolic Linguistics (ML 2018) will be held on July 29 — August 1, 2018

The Joseph M. Tronsky XXII Memorial Annual International Conference Indo-European Comparative Linguistics and Classical Philology will be held on June 18–20, 2018. Papers are accepted until March 20, 2018.

The International Conference “Russian Verb” on 15–17 November 2017. The abstracts are accepted until April 30, 2017. The programme and the abstracts are available.

The 15th Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Conference will be held on 12–14 October, 2017.

The 5th conference “Constructional & Lexical Semantic Approaches to Russian” (RusConstr) will be held on 11 October, 2017.

The Joseph M. Tronsky XXI Memorial Annual International Conference Indo-European Comparative Linguistics and Classical Philology was be held June 26–28, 2017. The programme and proceedings are available.

The 13th Conference on Typology and Grammar for Young Scholars was held on 24–26 November 2016. The programme is available.

The international conference Corpus-Based Approaches to the Balkan Languages and Dialects was be held in the Institute for Linguistic Studies RAS (Saint Petersburg, Russia) on December 5–7, 2016. The conference programme is available.

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Ivan Mikhailovich Steblin-Kamensky

Chief scientific researcher of the Institute for Linguistics, fellow of Russian Academy of sciences, Professor Ivan Steblin-Kamensky is specialist on the history of Iranian languages, Pamiri languages and Avesta. He published more than 180 scientific treaties, among them several books, including first translations of Avesta into Russian as separate volumes. After graduating from Saint-Petersburg university (1968) he almost annually participates in archaeological and ethnolinguistical expeditions in Central Asia, particularly in the Pamirs, Tadjikistan, Turkmenia, Kirgizia, Kashghar (China) and Iran. Some of his works are on ethnobotanical studies, on the names of cultural plants and agricultural terminology in Iranian languages. He published texts and etymological dictionary of one of the most archaic Pamiri language – Wakhi, spoken in the highest mountain valley at the source of river Oxus (Pandj – Amudarja).

At the Oriental Faculty of St.-Petersburg University he teaches classical Persian, Pahlavi, Old Persian and Avestan, gives lectures on Iranian philology,

folklore, literature and pre-islamic religions. During 1991 – 2006 he was the head of Iranian department and during 1994 – 2005 acting dean of the Oriental Faculty.

Professor Steblin-Kamensky took part in many international conferences and symposiums, lectured in universities and scientific institutions in Europe, USA, Iran and Central Asia, was invited guest-professor at Sorbonne (1991) and Hamburg university (2001). He is awarded with several Russian state honorary signs and medals, also Order of Friendship (Dusti), from the President of Tadjikistan (1999), in 1997 was elected corresponding member and in 2003 full fellow of Russian Academy of Science. In November 2005 he was nominated among “Lasting Figures” (Chehreha-ye mandegar) in Islamic Republic of Iran.

Membership in professional associations: Russian Geographical Society (1966), Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (1973), editorial board of “Literaturnye Pamjatniki” (“Literary Monuments”) (1989), International Committee “Corpus Inscriptionum Iranicarum” (1989), Societas Iranologica Europaea (1990), Linguistic Society of St.Petersburg (member of administrative board, 1996), “Paivand” (Tadjik Society for Cultural Relations with Compatriots Abroad) (1997), Association of Russian Orientalists (elected vice-president, 1997 – 2002).

Publications in European languages:

La langue wakhi. T.1: Corpus de litterature orale. T.2: Essai grammatical et dictionnaire wakhi-francais. Edité et traduit par Dominique Indjoudjian. Paris,

«Editions de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme», 1988. 290 p. + 376 p. + 7 pl., ill., carte (together with A.L.Grjunberg).

Iranian languages [of Central Asia]. – Encyclopaedia Iranica, ed. by E.Yarshater. Vol. V, fasc.2, p.223a – fasc.3, p.226a, New York, 1990.

Grammatical forms in the Pamir languages. – 2nd European conference of Iranian Studies. Bamberg, Sept.30 – Oct.4, 1991. Abstracts, p.18 – 19 (with A.L.Grjunberg ).

Bilingualism among Indo-Iranians of Eastern Hindukush. – Symposium «Bilingualism in Iranian cultures (17 – 20 Juli 1992). Vorträge». Bamberg, 1992, p.103 – 106 (with A.L.Grjunberg).

Avestan kəmčiţ paiti čaθrušanąm. – «East and West». Vol.45, Nos.1 – 4 (December 1995), p.307 – 310.

Aryo-Uralic contacts and Avestan myth on Yima. – «Oriental Studies in the 20th century... Abstracts of 35th ICANAS (Budapest, Jul. 7 – 12, 1997)». Moscow, 1997, vol.2, p.354 – 356.

Tādjīkī. Language. – The Encyclopaedia of Islam. New ed. Vol. X. T – U. Leiden – Brill, [1998] 2000, p. 64b – 65a.

Vladimir Aronovich Livshits. – «Bulletin of the Asia Institute». Studies in Honor of Vladimir A.Livshits, New Series, vol.10 (1996), ed. by Carol A.Bromberg and P.O.Skjaervo, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA, 1998, p. 1 – 2.

Eškāš(e)mī. – «Encyclopaedia Iranica», ed. by E.Yarshater. Vol. VIII, fasc. 6 (Mazda Publishers, Cosa Mesa, California, 1998), p.614b–615b.

Aryan loanwords in the Komi language. – XXXVI International Congress of Asian North African Studies. Book of Abstracts. Montreal, Canada. 2000, p.161 – 162.

Three centuries of Persian studies in St.Petersburg. – «Международная конференция по изучению культуры Ирана на Западе». Гос. Эрмитаж, 24-27 июня 2004 г., с.37 – 38 (International Conference on Iranian culture.

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