Modality in the language of children and adults

April 13–15, 2016

Institute for Linguistic Studies Russian Academy of Sciences
Faculty of Philology Saint Petersburg State University St. Petersburg, Russia

April 13th

10:00–12:50 Wednesday Morning Session
Chair: Maria Voeikova and Ursula Stephany
10:00 Opening: Nikolai N. Kazansky, Director of the Institute for Linguistic Studies
10:10 Introduction: Maria Voeikova, Ursula Stephany
10:30 Ursula Stephany Lexical Expression of Deontic and Epistemic Modality in Early Greek Language Acquisition
11:00 Soonja Choi The Development of Sentence-Ending Epistemic Markers in Young Korean Children
11:30–11:50 Coffee Break
11:50 Maria Voeikova (М. Д. Воейкова) Russian Modal Particles in Adult-Child Communication
12:20 Marianne Kilani Schoch The Expression of Commands in Early French Child Speech and Child-directed Speech
12:50–14:20 Lunch Break
14:20–16:40 Wednesday Afternoon Session
Chair: Marianne Kilani Schoch
14:20 Katharina Korecky-Kröll Requests in First Language Acquisition of German: Evidence from High and Low SES Families
14:50 Victoria Kazakovskaya (В. В. Казаковская) Epistemic Modality in Early Russian Child Speech and Child-directed Speech
15:20–15:40 Coffee Break
15:40 Sigal Uziel-Karl Acquisition of Modal Verbs in Hebrew: Evidence from Child Language and Child-directed Speech
16:10 Johanna Johansen Ijäs Directives in Saami Child Language Acquisitions
18:00 A guided tour to the Hermitage (opened till 21:00 on Wednesday and Friday)

April 14th

10:00–12:50 Thursday Morning Session
Chair: Maria Voeikova
10:00 Klaus Laalo Modality in Finnish Child Speech and Child-directed Speech
10:30 Kira Ivanova (К. А. Иванова) Aspectual Distinctions in the Russian Imperative in Child Speech and Child-directed Speech
11:00 Varvara Shvec (В. М. Швец) The Expression of Epistemic Modality in the Speech of Russian Children
11:30–11:50 Coffee Break
11:50 Ekaterina Oficerova (Е. А. Офицерова) Modal Markers in Child Speech at Different Stages of Language Development (longitudinal data) (in Russian)
12:20 Olga Sizova (О. Б. Сизова) Certainty as Reflected in Epistemic Modality in the Speech Production of Older Preschoolers with SLI (in Russian)
12:50–14:20 Lunch Break
14:20–15:20 Thursday Afternoon Session
Chair: Kira Ivanova
14:20 Nadezjda Zorikhina-Nilsson (Н. В. Зорихина-Нильссон) On the Interaction of Aspect, Mood and Negation: The Case of Slavic Imperatives
14:50 Elena Ivanova (Е. Ю. Иванова) Imperative and Aprehensive Functions of Negative Da-constructions in Bulgarian and Macedonian (in Russian)
16:00 City tour (starts at Tuchkov, 9)
19:00 Joint dinner in Café Marani (Makarova emb., 22 — 5 minute walk from the venue)

April 15th

10:00–12:50 Friday Morning Session
Chair: Igor Nedjalkov and Anna Urmanchieva
10:00 Igor Nedjalkov (И. В. Недялков) Means of Expressing Modality in Evenki
10:30 Anna Urmanchieva (А. Ю. Урманчиева) Modality in Nenets (in Russian)
11:00–11:20 Coffee Break
11:20 Victor Bayda (В. В. Байда) Modality in Irish
11:50 Alexander Legler Modality and Modal Nuances in Imperative Constructions of Russian and German
12:20 Anastasia Gorlova (А. А. Горлова) Hortative and Imperative Constructions in the Languages of the World: Similarities and Differences
12:50–14:20 Lunch Break
14:20–17:00 Friday Afternoon Session
Chair: Viktoria Kazakovskaya
14:20 Nadežda Onipenko (Н. К. Онипенко) Text Functions of Sentence-Level Modal Operators in Russian (in Russian)
14:50 Irina Mathanova (И. П. Матханова) Modal and Aspectual Meanings in Utterances with nado ponimat’ ‘it is necessary to understand’ in Modern Russian (in Russian)
15:20–15:40 Coffee Break
15:40 Elizaveta Sosnovtseva (Е. Г. Сосновцева) ‘This fairy tale is for kind and merry people, just like me…’: On the Expression of Attitude in Written Texts of Secondary-School Children (in Russian)
16:10 Stella Ceitlin (С. Н. Цейтлин) “Unaccounted” Modal Lexemes (in Russian)
16:40 Ursula Stephany, Maria Voeikova Concluding Remarks