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  Victoria Kazakovsksya


Victoria Kazakovsksya is a doctor of philological sciences, professor of RAS and a leading researcher at the Department of theoretical grammar at the Institute for Linguistic Studies (Russian Academy of Sciences). In addition, she is also the scientific secretary of the dissertation council at the the Institute for Linguistic Studies RAS ( and a member of scientific council at the Institute for Linguistic Studies. Other memberships held are those of the International Association for the Study of Child Language (IASCL), of the Societas Linguistica Europæa (SLE), of the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (AABS) and of the International Association of Applied Psycholinguistics (ISAP). She has worked as a professor at the Saint-Petersburg State University (Philology and Culture-orientated Linguistic Center) and has been involved with the language acquisition department of Herzen University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

Dr. Kazakovskaya is a specialist in the theory of grammar and an expert on child language acquisition. She has focused on children's development of the different components of the communicative competence and important features of child-directed speech (especially, on adult interrogatives). Among her numerous publications can be listed anthologies of monographs published by the Institute for Linguistic Studies (RAS, St. Petersburg) and the Institute of Psychology (RAS, Moscow), which are devoted to the problems of functional grammar, first language acquisition, child-directed speech, and conversational analysis. Her recently republished monograph "Questions and Answers in “Adult – Child” Dialogue" (Moscow, URSS, 2011, 464 p. focuses on the acquisition of dialogue skills and she also has wide experience in the study of other specialist subjects in this field. Additionally, she participates in the cross-linguistic project "Pre- and Protomorphology in Language Acquisition" (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Prof. W.U. Dressler, She has carried out joint investigation of adult reactions (reformulations, or ‘negative input’) on morphologically correct (adult-like) and incorrect (ill-formed) child utterances on the data of some European languages – Austrian-German, French, Lithuanian, Estonian, and Russian, which are considerably different from the point of view of morphological richness.

She has presented the results of her investigations at the universities of Vienna, Montreal, Stockholm, Budapest, Caen, Turku, Vinlius, Kaunas, Tallinn, St.Petersburg, Moscow etc.

ResearchGate Profile


  • 2006 — Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Linguistic Studies (St. Petersburg, Russia), Doctoral Diss. Dissertation title: Voproso-otvetnyje edinstva v dialoge "vzroslyj – rebenok" [Question-Answer Units in "adult – child" dialogue].
  • 1996 — Moscow Pedagogical University (Moscow, Russia), PhD. Thesis title: Sposoby vyrazhenija avtorstva v structure predlozhenija [The Ways of Authority Expression in a structure of utterance].

Research interests

Functional grammar, first language acquisition, development of communicative competence, child-directed speech, conversational analysis, theory of communication, cognitive development, theory of mind, interrogatives, reformulations, evidentiality, modality.

Work experience

2004–…Scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Council at the the Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, Russia)
2002–…Senior (then Leading) Researcher at the Department of the Theoretical Grammar at the Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, Russia)
1993–1996Postgraduate student at the Department of Russian Language, Moscow Pedagogical University (Moscow, Russia)
1992–1993Researcher at the Department of Russian Language, Moscow Pedagogical University (Moscow, Russia)

Teaching experience

2010–…Lecturer at the Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, Russia), PhD programs
2010Lecturer at the Department of Linguistics, Vienna University (Vienna, Austria)
2004–2008Professor at the Centre of Philology and Culture-orientated Linguistic at the Filological Faculty, St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
1998Lecturer at the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language, Russian State Pedadogical University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
1997–2004Lecturer at the Department of Child Language Asquisition, Russain State Pedadogical University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
1990–1992Assistant Professor at the Department of Russian Language, Orenburg State Pedagigical University (Orenburg, Russia)
Courses:Refresher training programs: The main problems of "adult – child" dialogue. PhD programs: Development of communicaive competence in children; Interrogatives in child-directed speech. MA programs: Communicative grammar; Russian syntax; Development of conversation competence in children; Development of children's narrative skills. BA programs: First language acquisition; Introduction to linguistics; Russian as a foreign language; Practice of modern Russian language; Linguistic analysis of text; Dialogue from the perspective of language acquisition.

Fellowships and grants

2008–…Academic exchange programme (between the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Austrian Academy of Sciences)
2002–…Grant from the Russian Federation President's Fund "The School of Functional Grammar in St. Petersburg" (1348.2012.6)
2009–2012Grant from the Russian Academy of Sciences, The Program of Fundamental Historical and Philological Studies "Semantic and Formal Redundancy of Texts in Modern Russian"
2003–2006Grant from the Russian Human Scientific Fund "Semantic categories and its expression in child language" (03-04-00386a)
2002Grant from the Department Education and Science (Moscow, Russia), the scientific project "Child communicative competence in a dialogue: Question-answer units"
1999–2001Grant from the Russian Human Scientific Fund "Ontogenesis of a Dialogue Speech" (99-04-00165a)
1997–2000Federal Target Program "Integration" (Russian Academy of Sciences), for the project "Center of computer investigations on language and speech" (b 12/97)

Participation in international projects

2008–…Cross-linguistic International Project in Pre- and Protomorphology in Language Acquisition. Prof. W.U. Dressler, Austrian Academy of Sciences
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