Grammatical Categories: Hierarchies, Ties and Interaction

Book of Abstracts from the Conference is available in the section “Materials” (Laboratory of Typological Studies).

The Conference took place at the St.Petersburg RAS Scientific Centre (University emb., 5), Small Conference Hall, and at the Institute for Linguistic Studies of the RAS (Tuchkov pereúlok, 9), Conference Hall.

Organizing Committee

  • V.S. Xrakovskij - chairperson

  • A.L. Malchukov

  • S.Yu. Dmitrenko

Conference Organizers

  • Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

  • St.Petersburg RAS Scientific Centre

  • Institute for Linguistic Studies (RAS)

  • St.Petersburg Linguistic Society

Conference programme is available here.

The Conference was supported by «Open Society» Institute (The Soros Foundation), Grant N HPE206.

The Conference was partly funded from the Presidential Grant aimed at support of the leading scientific schools. Grant N НШ-2325.2003.6 (St.Petersburg School of Typology).

The Conference was held as part of the project «Verb Grammatical Categories Interaction». Grant of the Russian Humanities Foundation 03-04-00216а