The International Conference dedicated to the centenary of M.I. Steblin-Kamensky's birth

The following workshops were offered during the Conference:

Book of Abstracts from the Conference is available in the section “References”. Conference working languages: Russian, English, German, French, along with all Scandinavian languages.
Conference programme is available here.

Organizing Committee

  • Doctor of Philology, S.A. Shubik - chairperson;

  • Doctor of Philology, Professor V.P. Berkov;

  • Doctor of Philology, Professor B.S. Zharov;

  • Member of RAS, Doctor of Philology N.N. Kazansky;

  • Doctor of Philology, Professor Yu.A. Kleiner;

  • Doctor of Philology, Professor Yu.K. Kuzmenko;

  • Member of RAS, Doctor of Philology I.M. Steblin-Kamensky.

Executive Secretaries


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