The Syntax of Uralic Languages (SOUL) is a series of conferences launched in 2015. It is organized for linguists interested in Uralic languages and working on syntactic issues, which traditionally were understudied in Uralic linguistics but recently have become a field of great interest from both descriptive and theoretical points of view.

The first SOUL took place as part of the 12th International Congress for Finno-Ugric Studies held at the University of Oulu on 17–21 August 2015 (under the title “The Syntactic Structure of Uralic Languages”,, together with a sister workshop titled “The Syntax of Samoyedic and Ob-Ugric Languages” organized by Larisa Leisiö and Irina Nikolaeva. Inspired by the success of the Oulu workshops, SOUL 2017 was organized two years later jointly by The Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Pázmány Péter Catholic University on 27–28 June 2017 in Budapest. The third meeting took place at the University of Tartu (Estonia) on 18–19 June 2019.

The 4th conference Syntax of Uralic Languages (SOUL-4), which was postponed because of the pandemic, will take place at the Institute for Linguistic Studies, St. Petersburg on 7–8 June 2022. We hope that the situation with the pandemic will get better and the borders will be open, so we plan SOUL-4 as an offline conference. However, the option of the online participation will be available in any case.