Institute for Linguistic Studies, RAS / Отдел сравнительно-исторического изучения индоевропейских языков и ареальных исследований
Curriculum vitae

Maxim Kisilier

Senior Research Fellow of Department of Comparative and Areal Linguistics, PhD. He has been working in the Institute for Linguistic Studies since 1999. Maxim Kisilier is an associate professor in the Department of General Linguistics of the Saint Petersburg State University and the head of the Hellenic institute of the Saint Petersburg State University.

Main fields of interest: Hellenic studies, Balkan studies, Modern Greek, Medieval Greek, linguistic anthropology and ethnography, corpus linguistics, field research, dialectology, history of Modern Greek, Early Modern Greek poetry, orality and literacy, literary standard, folklore and poetics, poetic language, syntax and word-order, Wackernagel’s law, pronominal clitics, perfect and pluperfect, Modern Greek dialects, Azov Greek, Pontic, Tsakonian.