Viktor Khrakovsky

Areas of expertise

  • linguistic typology
  • syntax
  • morphology
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Slavic languages
  • aspectology
  • verbal plurality studies
  • voice studies

Dr. Prof. Viktor Khrakovsky graduated from the Arabic Philology Department of the Leningrad State University Faculty for Asian and African Studies in 1955; in 1961, he defended his Ph. D. thesis “Tense vs. aspect relations in the system of personal forms of the Arabic verb”, followed by the doctoral thesis “Problems of the derivational theory of syntax and Arabic syntax issues” in 1971.

In 1961, invited to the Leningrad Division of the Moscow Institute of Linguistics (USSR Academy of Sciences) by Dr. Alexander Kholodovich, he became one of the founding members of the newly established Team for structural and typological language studies.

In 1971–2017, Viktor Khrakovsky headed the Team for structural and typological language studies, later renamed into Laboratory for Linguistic Typology at the Institute for Linguistic Studies (Russian Academy of Sciences). In 2017, he left this administrative position at the laboratory, while continuing as a lead researcher.

Dr. Khrakovsky is the leader of the St. Petersburg School of Linguistic Typology. His academic records include editing numerous publications, including six collective volumes dedicated to cross-linguistic studies of various verbal categories under a research program by the St. Petersburg School of Linguistic Typology. Dr. Khrakovsky is an active member of the Commission on the Grammatical Structure of Slavic Languages at the International Committee of Slavists.