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The Joseph M. Tronsky XX Memorial Annual International Conference Indo-European Comparative Linguistics and Classical Philology will be held June 20–22, 2016. The proceedings and the program are available.

Alexander Bondarko turns 85.

The 12th Conference on Typology and Grammar for Young Scholars was held in Saint Petersburg, 19–21 November 2015. The conference programme is available.

The international conference “Uralic languages: synchrony and diachrony” was be held on October 15–17, 2015. The abstracts are available.

The Joseph M. Tronsky XIX Memorial Annual International Conference Indo-European Comparative Linguistics and Classical Philology was held June 22–24, 2015. The programme and the proceedings are available.

The conference Problems of ontolinguistics — 2015: mechanisms of language acquisition and development of speech competence was held on 18–20 May. The programme and proceedings are available.

The conference Armenian Language Contacts through the Ages was held 12–15 May. The programme and videos are available.

The 4th conference Constructional & Lexical Semantic Approaches to Russian was held 16–18 April 2015. The abstracts and the programme are available.

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Institute for Linguistic Studies,
Russian Academy of Sciences

(In years 1952--1991: the Leningrad branch of Institute of Linguistics of Academy of Sciences of USSR)


  • of Comparative and Areal Linguistics (head Nikolai N. Kazansky),
  • of Functional Linguistics (head Alexander V. Bondarko),
  • of Linguistic Typology (head Viktor S. Xrakovskij),
  • of Computational Linguistics (head Sergey A. Kuznetsov),
  • of Languages of Russia (head Evgeniy V. Golovko),
  • of Lexicography (head Sergey A. Myznikov):
    • The Dictionary of 19th Century,
    • The Dictionary of 18th Century,
    • The Dictionary of Neologisms,
    • The Dictionary of Russian Dialects,
    • The Academic Dictionary,
    • The Mikhail Lomonosov Dictionary.

Address: Saint-Petersburg, Tuchkov pereülok 9, 199053.

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Fax: +7(812) 328-46-11

Director of the Institute: Member of RAS, Doctor of Philology Nikolai N. Kazansky.

Deputy Director for Science: Evgeniy V. Golovko, Doctor of Philology

Science Secretary: Sergey Yu. Dmitrenko, Candidate of Philology

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