E. Perekhvalskaya. Song in tale: Udihe jaŋku / ʒ’ai // N. Sumbatova, I. Kapitonov, M. Khachaturyan, S. Oskolskaya, S. Verhees (eds.). Songs and Trees: Papers in Memory of Sasha Vydrina. St. Petersburg: Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2023. P. 197-210.

This paper grew out of the presentation made within the framework of the “Song in Tale” seminar organized by Sasha Vydrina. It is directly related to the topic that Sasha was actively developing in 2021, see Sasha's materials in the present volume. In the end of May 2021 I made a short report on songs in Udihe tales. Sasha found this material interesting, so now I present a wider version of it in the collection dedicated to her memory.
Sasha paid special attention to the appearance of incomprehensible words in songs, either loans from other languages or words of obscure origin. Therefore, I also focus my analysis on words called “refrain words” by researchers of the Udihe musical folklore.
I dedicate this article to the memory of Sasha Vydrina.