NoCaCoDa: Nominal Causal Constructions Database

NoCaCoDa is a typological database of nominal causal constructions. Nominal causal constructions are constructions where the causing event is syntactically represented by a noun phrase, as in The woman woke up from [the noise] or The woman can’t fall asleep because of [the mosquitoes]. The database makes it possible to explore the ways in which different nominal causal markers, such as English from and because of in the examples above, are distributed over various causal contexts. As of 2023, the database covers 35 languages, primarily from Northern Eurasia. The data have been collected using a questionnaire containing 54 stimulus sentences. These stimulus sentences capture various semantic subtypes of nominal causal constructions.

Логвинова Наталья Николаевна , Сай Сергей Сергеевич , Заика Наталья Михайловна , Забелина Елизавета Александровна